Imagine Your Day in Colorful Stripes

While visiting a museum in Singapore I discovered the Life Stripe project which turns daily activities into a series of colorful stripes.

“A Life Stripe Work is a ‘pattern of life’ made by replacing one’s actions such as sleeping, dining, relaxing, and working with 21 colours selected based on research and recording them along a 24 hour axis,” say creators Hirokazu Kobayashi & Haruna Yamada.

Life Stripe’s 21 daily actions and their associated color

I caught the Life Stripe exhibit at the Red Dot Design Museum.

Red Dot Design Museum
Red Dot Design Museum

The Life Stripe exhibit contains a large collection of Life Stripe Works. Each one has the person’s or animal’s background such as housewife, tree house creator, creative director, therapist, restaurant cashier, mom, web designer, graphic designer, IT manager, mayor, baseball player, baby, dog, and ice cream man. They also include the date of the activities along with the name, age, and sex of the individual.

Life Stripe Collection
A few of the Life Stripes in the exhibit.

The first one that caught my eye was one of a cat. Alternating stripes of sleep and hang out time.

Cat Life Stripe
Recreation of Komazawa, a cat, and the day his Life Stripe represents.

Probably because I work a lot with dancers, the next one I noticed was a dancer’s stripe.

Dancer Life Stripe
Recreation of one dancer’s Life Stripe

“Our pursuit of ‘proof of living’ was inspired by a friend’s withdrawal from society,” explain Kobayashi  & Yamada.   “We began with various careers, circumstances, genders, age as well as animals, and have collected about 150,000 days worth of records.”

Hirokazu Kobayashi & Haruna Yamada
Life Stripe creators Hirokazu Kobayashi & Haruna Yamada

I found this a very interesting way to see how we use our time.  Perhaps I’ll create a few Life Stripes of my days and use them for a bit of self-reflection on how I prioritize the activities in my life.

If you would like to see what one of your days looks like, I created an interactive webpage below where you can make your own Life Stripe.   After you create a Life Stripe, you can download an image of it.  Hope you enjoy seeing what your day looks like.

Here’s a link to the Life Stripe creators website.

Opening Night Party

Here are a few photographs from last month’s opening night party celebrating the project I’ve been working on for over two years. Thank you to everyone who made it out and made it possible.

Art Opening & Cocktail Party Sept. 27th

Exposure Fine Art Gallery & Studio is hosting an exhibit of Tom Suhler’s art created from an evolving production that’s been going on for over two years.  This production started as an exploration of what it would be like to live in clouds and morphed into ideas inspired by Greek philosophers and particle physics.

Tom Suhler New Image, No Digital Manipulation

The exhibit explores the evolving nature of his work, its motivations, and the production which was first envisioned almost 10 years ago.

Suhler collaborates with members of Austin’s elite dance community as the dancers assume character roles in his single-image narratives.

“Dancers are great artists to work with in creating still narratives,” Suhler said. “In dance, they portray characters while expressing ideas and emotions through movement and form — that’s exactly what we are striving for.”

Tom Suhler New Image, No Digital Manipulation

All the photographs are created on set without the use of Photoshop or other digital manipulation software.

This will be the final show in Exposure Fine Art Gallery & Studio at its current location. Come help us celebrate as we move from our home for the last 7 years. Exposure will be relocating to a yet to be determined location.

This event is open to the public.

Exposure Fine Art Gallery & Studio
777 Shady Lane #8
Austin, Texas 78702

Date & Time:
Friday September 27, 2019  Time: 7:00PM – 11:30PM

Exhibit Continues: 
September 28th  Time:  1:00PM – 6:00PM