Moving into the Austin People’s Gallery

Opening night for the Austin People’s Gallery 2020 collection is this Friday, March 6th from 6-9PM.  This piece from the In The Clouds collection will be on display in Austin’s City Hall for the next 9 months.

Life in the Clouds #3
Life in the Clouds #3

I’ll be hanging near my piece on the 2nd floor. Come by, say hi, and checkout art from hundreds of Austin artists. The Austin’s City Hall is at 301 W 2nd Street.

Austin People's Gallery 2nd Floor
My piece on the left in Austin People’s Gallery 2nd Floor

Fractured Serenity Debuts in Florida

February 13th marks the 9th consecutive year that I am premiering new art in Florida at the Nudenite Pop Up Art Experience. This show continues to present my work to the growing community of people collecting my art.

Tom Suhler New Image, No Digital Manipulation
Fractured Dreamscape
"In The Clouds" Collection

The Orlando show runs February 13th – 15th and the Tampa show is February 27th – 29th.  The show includes art in its many forms including interactive installations and performance pieces.  I am exhibiting these two pieces in this dynamic experience. Of course, I used no digital manipulation in creating these pieces.

First Looks! In The Studio August 14, 2019

Here are a few photographs from last week’s work. I was thinking about the Greek philosopher Diogenes when I created the starting point for the day’s work. My 8th grade algebra teacher introduced him to me by recounting one of his stunts. From time to time, Diogenes apparently carried a lit lamp during the day looking for an honest person.  All images were created on set, no digital manipulation required.

Tom Suhler New Image, No Digital Manipulation
Tom Suhler New Image, No Digital Manipulation

First Looks are my initial reactions. It usually takes days or weeks before I’m comfortable deciding if something makes the cut. Editing, selecting which pieces make it and which ones don’t, is one of the most difficult parts of the process. The images you see here are either ones that might be finished or inspire ideas worth pursuing.

Press Release: Austin Artist creates surreal photographs without digital manipulation

An Austin artist is creating increasingly abstract scenes in his photographs without Photoshop or other digital manipulation software.

Tom Suhler New Image, No Digital Manipulation

Tom Suhler recently took on the challenge of creating surreal imagery on set and sharing his images with viewers just days later. It provides a backstage view of the process as it unfolds.

“Traditionally I’ve waited to share my work until a collection of ideas was complete,” Suhler explained. “This year I took a different approach and started posting a few images from each session on my blog ( and social media. People ask me when they could see the new work and this allows me to show it without stopping production,” which is now in its third year.

Tom Suhler New Image, No Digital Manipulation

His current production keeps growing and generating different genres. What started as an exploration of life in the clouds has led to collections inspired by Plato’s Symposium and by Vitruvius’ proportions of the human body which inspired da Vinci.

“In April I was hit with this idea of how I could fracture reality through surreal imagery,” Suhler said. “This was inspired by particle physics, string theory, the nature of consciousness, and more.”

Tom Suhler New Image, No Digital Manipulation

Suhler collaborates with members of Austin’s elite dance community as the dancers assume character roles in his single-image narratives.

“Dancers are great artists to work with in creating still narratives,” Suhler said. “In dance, they portray characters while expressing ideas and emotions through movement and form — that’s exactly what we are striving for.”

Tom Suhler New Image, No Digital Manipulation

Why no digital manipulation?

“I love challenging myself in as many different ways as possible simultaneously,” Suhler explained. “Creating meaningful artistic expressions satisfies the urges from my right brain, while my left brain impulses focus on the technical challenges in my artistic decisions.”

Tom Suhler New Image, No Digital Manipulation

Suhler will exhibit his recent work this fall at Exposure Fine Art Gallery & Studio, in East Austin.