Artist and Author, Tom Suhler, Revisits ‘Sunshine State’ for Seventh Time in Three Years

Renowned for his ability to combine layers of beauty and nudity to evoke bold emotions in his audience, Texas artist, Tom Suhler is delighted to announce his return to Florida for the opening of his exhibit at the 530 Burns Gallery.

Austin, TX — While he resides over a thousand miles away, artist Tom Suhler’s work has been in high demand in Florida since 2010. With seven trips to the Sunshine State garnering a growing audience, Suhler is delighted to announce his return on April 12th as he brings his art to the 530 Burns Gallery in Sarasota.

Beneath the Veil
Beneath the Veil

Suhler, whose nude pieces read more like sculpture than photography, has found a receptive audience in the people and places of “The Sunshine State,” discovering a creative home amidst the vibrancy and romanticism of Florida’s artistic and cultural history.

“In some ways, it has been easier for me to find an audience here than in my home State. Floridians really seem to connect with the simple beauty of my art and understand the emotions and stories they infer,” says Suhler, who also achieved great success as far away as China.

Continuing, “People see beyond the ‘nude’ dancers and into the freedom, openness and truth that lies within each piece.”

In fact, Suhler makes it clear that the nude aspect of his work is secondary to the emotions and ideas that lie within each subject.

“It’s all in an attempt to evoke emotions in my audience. I do this through combining many layers; nudity is just one of these many layers,” he adds.

Suhler will be using the visit to exhibit pieces from two different collections. (e)Motion was created in Austin in a rented warehouse over a two and a half month period. Winding Creek emerged from a three and a half month project produced at night in a Texas Hill Country Creek. Both collections can be viewed in their entirety at

Suhler’s trip will take him throughout Southern Florida between April 12th through 20th, promoting his 530 Burns Gallery exhibit, as well as his recently released art book, UnVeiled.

To date, the book has attracted a consistent string of rave reviews.

For example, fellow artist Rom Stark said, “Suhler’s thoughts do not interfere with the viewer’s personal response to the work. He does state his ideas on what he is doing without telling the viewer what to see. What a relief! One should take notice of the simple yet powerful impact that is our basic humanity. A still life of an egg, a landscape, even a portrait of a stranger can offer that impact. And, here in UnVeiled we have Suhler’s vision.”

UnVeiled, as well as open and limited edition prints, are available through Tom’s website