A premier fine art nude photography magazine

Nude Magazine

I first came across Carrie Leigh’s Nude magazine while looking through the newsstand at a Barnes & Noble.  This quarterly publication showcases some of the worlds best fine art nude photographers.  The 96 page magazine contains photographs, articles relevant to the industry, news, and no advertising.  The quality of the paper and printing is exquisite.

Publisher Carrie Leigh has extensive experience both in front of the lens as a model and behind the lens as a photographer.  She started the magazine in 2007.  I highly recommend checking it out.

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  1. Well said, I have collected NUDE since the first issue. It is a exquisite quarterly art book. I say book as there is nothing in the world that is of the quality of NUDE.
    My understanding is thatin addition to contributing some of her most collected art, Carrie Leigh not only selects each image but lays out the publication
    As a collector of high end art I also highly regard this as the finest print publication ever devoted to the fine art nude.

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