Fractured Serenity Debuts in Florida

February 13th marks the 9th consecutive year that I am premiering new art in Florida at the Nudenite Pop Up Art Experience. This show continues to present my work to the growing community of people collecting my art.

Tom Suhler New Image, No Digital Manipulation
Fractured Dreamscape
"In The Clouds" Collection

The Orlando show runs February 13th – 15th and the Tampa show is February 27th – 29th.  The show includes art in its many forms including interactive installations and performance pieces.  I am exhibiting these two pieces in this dynamic experience. Of course, I used no digital manipulation in creating these pieces.

Duo Quattuor Travels to Kansas City

Duo Quattuor
Duo Quattuor

Kansas City Missouri’s Jones Gallery is exhibiting Duo Quattuor during their January show. This piece is part of my “Foreign Worlds” collection. It was created in Austin featuring two fellow artists. The Jones Gallery show opens this Friday, January 3rd, with an event from 5:00 – 9:00. This is the first time Kansas City’s art patrons will be able to see my work in person.